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Internation Operations

Mission: To assist Jamaica and the Caribbean traverse to first world status in development and technology, while maintaining ethical, innovative, and earth friendly business practices.

International Operations


Communications Tower Construction/Network Development/Leasing

Direct Ownership of Communications Tower Network across the Carribean

Luxury Real Estate Development

Licenses held to conduct Real Estate Transactions and Build/Import Material in Jamaica, W.I., Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, Panama , Costa Rica, and ALL US/UK/FR Territories. 

Capacity: 1-2 Projects per Year

More About Us

Alternative Energy Sources

Carleton International, LTD currently distributes exclusive, Solar, Wind, and Battery Energy Products throughout the Caribbean through its Partners and Licensees.  All current and future development projects utilize alternative energy sources in their infrastructures.  Carleton International, is committed to the use of renewable energy sources.

Limestone/Granite/Quartz Mining - Jamaica-Costa Rica

Carleton International, LTD currently mines limestone of all grades from a quarry located in Old Harbor, St. Catherine, Jamaica W.I.  The company is actively blasting and crushing on site and delivers limestone to the CI, LTD Pier#1, also located in Old Harbor.  From this secure site the limestone is sold locally and internationally.  Docking Facilities can accomodate and load up to three(3) self extracting, ore carriers (30-60000MT), or seven(7) barges (5-15000MT). 

Carleton's Costa Rican Quarry Operations are managed by our Wholly-owned Domestic Subsidiary, Petra Tica -Limestone, Granite, and Quartz Production and Manfacturing

Aggregate Sample Test Results available, by site, upon request.

Company History

Carleton International, LTD was formed in Kingston, Jamaica by David M. Bryant.  Mr. Bryant fell in love with Jamaica and the Caribbean during a diving trip in the late 80's.  Mr. Bryant returned to Jamaica in 2002 to visit an old friend and to explore potential business opportunities.  Upon his return, Mr. Bryant saw not only opportunity, but also a means to make his goals and ambitions a reality on the small island.  From 2002-2005, Mr. Bryant worked on the partnerships required to actually form the company on foreign soil, and also, to make it productive.  In 2006, the company was born, and immediately, started initiatives for profitability.  Diversification allows for the company to weather economic trends in the region and remain productive on multiple levels.  This, along with the company's relationship with the The Bryant Group, allow Carleton International to thrive and reach its full potential in the Caribbean.

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